Performance specialists

As our most recent project, the NLR AMS-2000 Boost/Nitrous Controller has provided us with the opportunity to provide R&D services for a state-of-the-art auxiliary engine control and data acquisition unit targeting high-performance racing vehicles. It’s been our pleasure to help entrepreneur Sebastian Domingo develop his idea for next-generation race vehicle tuning and control into a successful product.

We’ve enjoyed a continuing relationship with NLR as the product has progressed through 7 feature versions over the past 8 years. Our involvement with this product has added to our experience with closed loop firmware control and familiarity with a variety of devices such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, position sensors, speed sensors and actuators.




Originally developed for the Broadband Powering Division of Antec Network Technologies (now Arris International), the TSP is a modular uninterruptible power supply for CATV systems. This heavy duty -40° to 158° ferroresonant design meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of outdoor utility operating conditions and is the only design than has every achieved this with convection cooling alone.

This design was driven by ultra high reliability under adverse conditions and has remained viable in the industry for more than 20 years, during which The Power Lab has continued to provide sustaining engineering support and firmware enhancements and upgrades as the product line was acquired from Antec by APC (American Power Conversion, now Schneider Electric) and finally by Myers Power Products.